Art Restoration and Conservation

Preserving and restoring artwork with professional conservators.

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Your art is valuable, and restoring and conserving your art is important to ensure its longevity. At Mayberry Fine Art, we understand this, and offer restoration and conservation services by qualified experts to assess and advise on preservative measures for your valuable pieces. With time, artworks and their frames exposed to the elements can degrade.  At Mayberry Fine Art, we have solutions for any damaged or degrading pieces of work. 

Restoration is the process of restoring an artwork to its original condition after substantial damage has occurred. Conservation, on the other hand, is a series of preventive measures taken to ensure a work’s state is maintained and even repair subtle and often imperceptible damage that would cause larger problems for the artwork in the future. 

Under what conditions should you consider restoration or conservation?

There are two main types of physical damage your work may incur: environmental damage and material damage.

Environmental Damage

Displaying artwork in your home is a wonderful way to enhance your surroundings, but environmental factors can lead to gradual or even immediate degradation of an artwork. Exposure to sunlight, smoke, dust, humidity or moisture can slowly disrupt the state of a piece of artwork. Eventually, a work’s colouring or physicality can deteriorate. In the event that a work has been marginally impacted, conservation is an option for pieces that have begun to wear down. However, if it is a piece of historical art or of a work of considerable value, restoration is strongly encouraged to ensure its preservation. If you have recently purchased a piece and you would like to take steps to preserve its quality, Mayberry Fine Art offers Archival Framing Services that can mount and support your important artworks in museum quality frames with acid-free mats and protective glass that filters harmful UV rays. 

Physical Damage

Physical damage can occur when moving house, ordering an estate or even accidentally. Both frames and artworks can be damaged in this way. When a piece is chipped, cracked or lost, restoration can help renew a broken piece of work to its original state, depending on the level of damage. If an art piece is damaged and you would like to have it restored, please email photos of the work and damage to [email protected] to have it assessed by a member of our team. After consultation, Mayberry Fine Art can discuss the restoration process moving forward with you.

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What kind of artwork can be damaged? 

All artworks can be potentially damaged, but works on paper are especially delicate and susceptible to both environmental and physical damage. Contact with acidic mats can degrade works on paper considerably and this is a problem for many older pieces. Conservation or restoration of works on paper is encouraged if you suspect a piece may be susceptible to damage or is already damaged. 

Historical pieces of all mediums are encouraged to be considered for restoration and conservation measures. Ageing materials, varnish and dust accumulation are particularly harmful to older pieces as they can interfere with the chemical makeup of paper, paint compounds and even bronze. Alongside restoration and conservation services, Mayberry Fine Art offers cleaning services to help bring your valuable artworks back to life. 

If you think your artworks could benefit from our restoration or conservation services, please contact  us at 204-255-5690 or email us at [email protected] for more information on art restoration and conservation services in Winnipeg.