Hedge Borca by Luke Ramsey, 2022 Acrylic on canvas - (16x20 in)

Animals Are Real – Luke Ramsey

On Display Unit 138 – 2025 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg

September 16th - October 6th
Father and Son by Norval Morrisseau Acrylic on Canvas - (36x40 in)

Woodland Artists – A Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Collection

September 7th - September 30th
JOHN LEWIS – GOOD TROUBLE A/P by Shepard Fairey, 2020 Screen Print - (24x18 in)

Shepard Fairey – Good Trouble

Virtual Exhibition

July 28th - August 31st

Where Would I Rather Be ? – Sheila Kernan

On Display at 212 McDermot Ave in Winnipeg

June 10th - June 30th

Earlier this year we lost an important member of the Winnipeg art community. Born in Winnipeg, a long-term educator, gallery owner, and art consultant, Gail was committed to helping artists and art lovers alike. For 30 years Gail taught at Seven Oaks Collegiate sharing her love of art with her students old and new. Gail started Uptown gallery with her husband in the early 80s representing local artists and working with the Winnipeg Art Gallery and many other art organizations. This collection of work from her estate features works acquired over her lifetime from many local and Canadian artists. Gail had impeccable taste and this collection of work showcases that. We invite you to browse this collection and take this opportunity to acquire works with a unique provenance.

Mayberry Fine Art

With over 45 years experience in high end historical and contemporary Canadian art, Mayberry Fine Art offers expertise in a wide range of art related services from professional consultations on building quality art collections, to custom framing, restoration, shipping, and storage.

 Flooring, Floor, Art Gallery, Art, Wood, Hardwood
Interior & Blue Cineraria by Molly Lamb Bobak Oil on canvas - (40x30 in)

Interior & Blue Cineraria

40 x 30 in

Please inquire regarding price

Molly Lamb Bobak
Kelowna by Walter Joseph Phillips, 1946 Watercolour - (16.5x15.5 in)


, 1946
16.5 x 15.5 in

Please inquire regarding price

Walter Joseph Phillips
West Yellow Rough by Ivan Eyre, 1998 Acrylic on Canvas - (28x30 in)

West Yellow Rough

, 1998
28 x 30 in

On hold, please inquire

Ivan Eyre
When Shadows Shine by Laura Harris, 2017 Mixed Media on Canvas - (30x30 in)

When Shadows Shine

, 2017
30 x 30 in

$4,000.00 including frame

Laura Harris
VOTING RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS MKE MURAL A/P by Shepard Fairey, 2021 Screen Print - (18x24 in)


, 2021
18 x 24 in

$1,200.00 unframed

Shepard Fairey
Maisy by Joe Coffey, 2022 Oil on Canvas - (36x48 in)


, 2022
36 x 48 in

$7,800.00 including frame

Joe Coffey

Archival Pigment Prints by Select Artists

Make My Day 15/15 by Andrew Valko, 2019 Archival Pigment Print - (18x24 in)

Make My Day

, 2019
18 x 24 in

$1,250.00 including frame

Andrew Valko
Pulp Fiction 15/15 by Andrew Valko, 2019 Archival Pigment Print - (18x24 in)

Pulp Fiction

, 2019
18 x 24 in

$1,250.00 including frame

Andrew Valko
Basic Instinct 2/15 by Andrew Valko, 2019 Archival Pigment Print - (23.5x18 in)

Basic Instinct

, 2019
23.5 x 18 in

$1,250.00 including frame

Andrew Valko

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