Don Proch – Asessippi Chrome

Asessipi Chrome showcases both 2D and 3D creations with artworks spanning over 30 years

December 4th - December 24th
Gazing Curiously by Donna Zhang, 2021 Oil on Canvas - (30x30 in)

Across the Plateau

New works by Donna Zhang. 212 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg.

November 19th - December 4th
A People’s History (Riel) 2/7 by Diana Thorneycroft, 2010 Digital Photograph on Paper - (27.5x30 in)

Past and Present

An exhibition of drawings and photographs by Diana Thorneycroft

November 9th - December 3rd
Lake Superior Country by Lawren Harris, 1922 Oil on Panel - (12x15 in)

Art Toronto 2021

Gallery and Virtual Exhibition

October 29th - November 7th

Mayberry Fine Art

With over 45 years experience in high end historical and contemporary Canadian art, Mayberry Fine Art offers expertise in a wide range of art related services from professional consultations on building quality art collections, to custom framing, restoration, shipping, and storage.

Mayberry McDermot Upstaris October2021
Mother and Daughter by Daphne Odjig, circa 1983 Acrylic on Canvas - (40x32 in)

Mother and Daughter

, 1983
40 x 32 in

Please inquire regarding price

Daphne Odjig
Standing Proud by Daphne Odjig, 1992 Acrylic on Canvas - (23.5x19.5 in)

Standing Proud

, 1992
23.5 x 19.5 in

Please inquire regarding price

Daphne Odjig
Siblings by Daphne Odjig, 1983 Acrylic on Canvas - (34x26 in)


, 1983
34 x 26 in

Please inquire regarding price

Daphne Odjig
Prairie Dog Central - Winter T-13-8-17 by Robert McInnis, 2017 Oil on Canvas - (40x40 in)

Prairie Dog Central – Winter

, 2017
40 x 40 in

$9,700.00 including frame

Robert McInnis
Fluorescent Yellow Abstract by Wanda Koop, 2006 Acrylic on Canvas - (18x20 in)

Fluorescent Yellow Abstract

, 2006
18 x 20 in

$6,600.00 including frame

Wanda Koop
Too Long in a Flash by Meghan Hildebrand, 2019 Acrylic on Canvas - (24x24 in)

Too Long in a Flash

, 2019
24 x 24 in

$2,800.00 including frame

Meghan Hildebrand

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