Lake of the Woods: Islands - Randolph Parker

Islands: Lake of the Woods Complete Collection

This is the complete body of work created for the book Islands: Lake of the woods.

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December 13th - January 15th

Jeff Nachtigall

On Display Unit 138 – 2025 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg

November 5th - November 19th

Carnival of Light – Wilf Perreault

On Display at 324 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario

October 22nd - November 2nd

Over the past five years, Randolph Parker and Bill Mayberry have traveled the waters of Lake of the Woods in search of perfect island compositions. These paintings feature islands from every region of Lake of the Woods– as far west as Shoal Lake, to the southern region of the Big Traverse and Whitefish Bays. Each of these paintings’ exact locations is identified by the corresponding GPS coordinates of the Lake of the Woods landscape which inspired them.

In company with this impressive body of work, Mayberry Fine Art has published this deluxe, 230 page, 10” x 14″ coffee table book which includes texts from various authors and over 220 paintings.

With a foreword by Peter Mansbridge and contributions by authors Greg Humeniuk and David Malaher the book also explores the history of this rich region in a way never before examined.  The book is available for sale today.

Lake of the Woods: Islands is now available for sale at both our Winnipeg locations and Online.


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Untitled 1962 by Marcelle Ferron, 1962 Oil on Canvas - (24x18 in)

Untitled 1962

, 1962
24 x 18 in

On hold, please inquire

Marcelle Ferron
Plum Line by Jean McEwen, 1960 Oil on Canvas - (39x50 in)

Plum Line

, 1960
39 x 50 in

Please inquire regarding price

Jean McEwen
First Winter in Canada by William Kurelek, 1977 Mixed Media on Board - (28x42 in)

First Winter in Canada

, 1977
28 x 42 in

Please inquire regarding price

William Kurelek
Belonging by Hashim Hannoon, 2022 Acrylic on Canvas - (24x30 in)


, 2022
24 x 30 in

$3,100.00 including frame

Hashim Hannoon
Pushed,Pulled,Scattered by Meghan Hildebrand, 2022 Acrylic - (54x47-1/2 in)


, 2022
54 x 47-1/2 in

$6,500.00 including frame

Meghan Hildebrand
When Shadows Shine by Laura Harris, 2017 Mixed Media on Canvas - (30x30 in)

When Shadows Shine

, 2017
30 x 30 in

$4,000.00 including frame

Laura Harris

Archival Pigment Prints by Select Artists

Pulp Fiction 15/15 by Andrew Valko, 2019 Archival Pigment Print - (18x24 in)

Pulp Fiction

, 2019
18 x 24 in

$1,250.00 including frame

Andrew Valko
East of Kipling Island 15/15 by Randolph Parker, 2019 Archival Pigment Print - (24x36 in)

East of Kipling Island

, 2019
24 x 36 in

$1,180.00 including frame

Randolph Parker
Basic Instinct 2/15 by Andrew Valko, 2019 Archival Pigment Print - (23.5x18 in)

Basic Instinct

, 2019
23.5 x 18 in

$1,250.00 including frame

Andrew Valko

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