Mayberry Fine Art Services

With over 50 years of experience with historical and contemporary Canadian art, Mayberry Fine Art offers expertise in a wide range of art related services from professional consultations on building quality art collections, to custom framing, restoration, shipping, professional appraisals and storage.

Art Consultation

Mayberry Fine Art offers personalised art consultation services for corporate and private collectors in Canada. With over 50 years of experience, our experts help clients navigate the process of collecting art, from choosing the right pieces to assessing and appraising the value of existing collections. We also provide corporate art consultation for businesses looking to display art in their offices, enhancing the work environment for employees and clients while distinguishing the business from competitors.

Custom Framing

Mayberry Fine Art in Winnipeg has been providing high-quality framing services for 50 years, specialising in framing high-end artwork in premium frames. Their framing experts can help you select the perfect frame to display your valuable pieces, and their craftsmen have extensive experience with Archival and Replica framing techniques to preserve your artwork for years to come.

Fine Art Financing

Mayberry Fine Art offers fine art financing with low interest rates for 1, 2 and 3 year terms to help customers acquire high-quality artworks with monthly payments. This financing option is also applicable to Canadian companies that can claim Canadian art as a business expense. For more information on this program, contact Mayberry Fine Art at 204-255-5690 or email [email protected].

Art Installation

Mayberry Fine Art understands the importance of displaying art properly in your home or office. Our team of experienced art handlers can assist you in deciding where and how to hang your artwork. If you have one piece or a vast collection of art that you would like installed, Mayberry Fine Art can help. 

Estate Services

Mayberry Fine Art provides invaluable assistance to those dealing with the complexities of disbursing estate collections of fine art and other high-end valuables. Whether you are arranging your estate or assisting in the arrangement of one, Mayberry Fine Art can help every step of the way. We are proud to provide services including appraisals and consultation with regard to your valuable pieces.

Appraisals & Assessments

Mayberry Fine Art provides both assessment and appraisal services for Canadian and International art. Assessments help determine the value of a piece for planning purposes, while appraisals provide a formal and trusted process for determining the monetary value of a piece for insurance or tax purposes. Clients can email photos of their artwork to get a preliminary assessment of its value.

Art Storage

Mayberry Fine Art offers secure storage solutions for collectors with long-term or short-term storage needs. The art is stored in a monitored vault or storeroom holding and is photographed and catalogued for value assessment and insurance purposes.

Art Shipping

Mayberry Fine Art offers secure domestic and international art shipping from their Toronto and Winnipeg locations. The staff is experienced in shipping all types of art and prepares all necessary documentation, ensuring safe and secure transportation. Contact Mayberry Fine Art for a quote or more information on their shipping services.

Art Restoration

Mayberry Fine Art offers restoration, conservation and cleaning services for valuable artworks to ensure their longevity. Qualified experts assess and advise on preservative measures, and offer solutions for any damaged or degrading pieces of work.

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