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Islands Lake of the Woods – Randolph Parker

Over the past five years, Randolph Parker and Bill Mayberry have traveled the waters of Lake of the Woods in search of perfect island compositions. These paintings feature islands from every region of Lake of the Woods– as far west as Shoal Lake, to the southern region of the Big Traverse and Whitefish Bays. Each of these paintings’ exact locations is identified by the corresponding GPS coordinates of the Lake of the Woods landscape which inspired them.

In addition to the original panels and canvas works, Mayberry Fine Art is also publishing a beautiful 230 page, 10” x 14″ coffee table book, including over 220 paintings that take you on an artistic journey across the lake.  With a foreword by Peter Mansbridge and contributions by authors Greg Humeniuk and David Malaher the book also explores the history of this rich region in a way never before examined.  The book is available for sale today.

South of Town Island
Shoal Lake Cedar
Off the South East Tip Of Bell’s Island

West Side Of Oliver Island

Whitefish Bay
Long Bay
Astron Bay Entrance
West of Morson
The Elbow
Storm Bay
Mud Portage
Poplar Bay

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