Great Big Summer Sky

Acrylic on Canvas, 2024
48 x 90 in (121.9 x 228.6 cm)

$10,000.00 Framed


Holly Dyrland

Holly Dyrland grew up on a small farm in the remote town of Donalda, Alberta. It was on this farm, surrounded by nature, cattle and expansive vistas, that she knew she wanted to become an artist. As a child, she would explore the farm and take whatever chance she could to go outside and revel in nature’s beauty. Often found doodling or sketching, Dyrland’s interest in art was piqued not only by the landscape but by watching her grandmother paint. The young artist was captivated by how her grandmother would render the landscape though was unsure exactly how she did it. 

Studying interior design became the foundation of her development as an artist. Before studying, she did not know how to bring together everything she saw. It was at university that architectural renderings, sketching and watercolour techniques began to inadvertently teach her how to structure her paintings. Now, composition is arguably the most important factor for Dyrland in creating her landscapes.

In 2010, she achieved 2 of her biggest goals: to start a family and dedicate herself to her art. As the years progressed, Dyrland moved away from a photo-realistic approach to landscape painting and loosened up her brushwork. She began to trust herself more and was constantly pushing herself to develop as an artist. Working with acrylic allows her the freedom to work boldly with loose, energetic brushstrokes. 

When she sees something that catches her eye, Dyrland captures the moment with a photo and brings it back to her studio. She begins with sketching with pencils and experimenting with composition before settling on a thumbnail that will go on to inspire the work. Dyrland finds unwavering faithfulness to her source imagery or thumbnails is limiting and instead endeavours to capture the “emotional response” that spurred her to create in the first place. Dyrland begins almost immediately after the initial concept is decided upon and allows it to develop from there. On the canvas, she allows her brushwork to flow freely and gives herself the freedom to discover new ways of depicting the sensations of the landscape. 

Landscapes prove to be a never-ending source of inspiration for Dyrland. Her experience growing up on the farm and her fascination with her grandmother’s landscape paintings provided her with the inspiration to develop her unique style. Large brushes and vivid colours help segment her landscapes and bring together a sense of awe. To Dyrland, landscapes are unifying; everyone experiences the same land and this connection brings us together. Light and movement are of utmost interest to her - the sky is alive and she wants to capture each passing moment with reverence. Life is busy, she says, and when Dyrland returns to the land everything becomes simple. She feels grounded by the land that raised her and continues to provide her with the inspiration and gratitude she hopes to convey in her work. 

The artist hopes that by travelling more and continuing to paint, her work will continue to grow and challenge her.  The Pandemic years have changed so much for everyone that Holly hopes people can feel a sense of continuation and steadfastness in her work. Dyrland believes there is so much in the land that is yet to be discovered and feels privileged to communicate her love for Canada’s landscapes with her collectors. 

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