Jeune Fille Hollandaise

Oil, circa 1901
22 x 13 in


James Wilson Morrice

1865 - 1924

James Wilson Morrice, Canadian painter, was born in Montreal in 1865. Abandoning law, he went to Paris where he studied painting. He visited Venice, Trinidad, Tunis, and periodically returned to Canada. Admired for his subtle coloring and delicate rendering of landscapes, Morrice greatly influenced younger Canadian artists. The National Gallery in Ottawa has several of his paintings including Venice: Night and Dieppe: the Beach.

More work by James Wilson Morrice

Sampson-Matthews Silkscreen, circa 1943
30 x 40 in

$2,900.00 Framed

Oil on Canvas, circa 1909
19.75 x 24 in


Oil on Panel, circa 1896
9 x 12 in


Pencil Drawing, circa 1906
4 x 6 in


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