Indians Meeting by a Teepee

Oil on Canvas, circa 1850
11.5 x 16 in (29.2 x 40.6 cm)


Cornelius Krieghoff

1815 - 1872

Cornelius Krieghoff arrived in the United States in 1837 and joined the American Army, where he created numerous sketches depicting the Seminole tribal war. These sketches served as the foundation for his later paintings. In 1840, he left the military and settled in Montreal, where he engaged with the artistic community, including the Salon de la Societe des Artistes de Montreal and his friendship with the painter Somerville.

During his Montreal sojourn, Krieghoff formed connections with the indigenous people at the Sault Saint-Louis Reservation (Caughnawaga), capturing their essence through sketches that would later inspire his paintings. Invited in 1847 to partake in the inaugural exhibition of the Toronto Society of Arts, his artistic reputation expanded.

In 1853, prompted by an invitation from auctioneer John Budden, Krieghoff relocated to Quebec City. His travels took him to Europe in 1854, encompassing visits to Italy and Germany. Returning to Canada in 1855, he immortalized various scenes, notably winter landscapes and diverse themes. Unfortunately, the majority of his post-1855 sketches perished in the Great Quebec Fire of 1881.

After retiring in 1868 in Chicago, Krieghoff experienced multiple shifts. He briefly returned to Quebec City in 1871 before once again going back to Chicago, where he ultimately passed away on March 8th.

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Oil on Canvas, circa 1848
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