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Vivian Thierfelder Addicted to Nostalgia

On display in Toronto | August 6th – September 4th, 2021

Vivian Thierfelder: Addicted to Nostalgia, features small-scale, still-life paintings. The work is expertly crafted and intricately detailed, as Thierfelder plays with compositional scale and dramatic colours in each piece. The work pulls the viewer in, posing the questions, “can a past that has slipped out of reach be reclaimed by means of nostalgia?” and “should it ever be?”

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Featured Works

Quickening #5

Quickening #5

, 2020
38 x 50 in


Deon Venter
Le Long de la Rivière Rouge (Laurentides)

Le Long de la Rivière Rouge (Laurentides)

16 x 20 in

On hold, please inquire

Claude Langevin
A Spring Day Near Ashton, ON

A Spring Day Near Ashton, ON

, 1966
10.5 x 13.5 in


Ralph W. Burton
Quickening #5

Quickening #5

, 2021
66 x 54 in

Please inquire regarding availablity

Deon Venter

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Western Brook, NFLD by Luther Pokrant, 2013 Oil on Aluminum Panel - (16x12 in)

Western Brook, NFLD

, 2013
16 x 12 in

$1,400.00 including frame

Luther Pokrant
Painter’s Stew by Scott Sueme, 2019 Acrylic on Paper - (20x16 in)

Painter’s Stew

, 2019
20 x 16 in

$1,200.00 including frame

Scott Sueme
Womanhood II by Leo Mol, 1966 Conte Crayon on Paper - (17.25x10.75 in)

Womanhood II

, 1966
17.25 x 10.75 in

$1,200.00 including frame

Leo Mol
Field Structures

Field Stuctures

, 2020
30 x 18 in

$225 - online only

Eric Ouimet

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