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Sweet art for your sweetheart.

Valentines day is just around the corner and we can appreciate that even though you’ve had a whole year since the last valentines day sometimes you’re just stuck for gift ideas.

We thought we would lend you a hand and highlight some works of art which would make a sweet gift. Checkout our selection of sweet art for your sweet heart online.

Art is one of those gifts that truly stands out and lasts a lot longer than some flowers or a box of chocolates. It’s a great way to mark an anniversary or special occasion. We suggest writing a special card with a date and keeping it on the back of the work of art which will help preserve the special moment for decades and even generations.

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Turmeric by Scott Sueme, 2019 Acrylic on Paper - (20x16 in)


, 2019
20 x 16 in

$1,200.00 including frame

Scott Sueme
Act of God no.20 by Andrew Valko, 2012 Charcoal on Paper - (18x23 in)

Act of God no.20

, 2012
18 x 23 in

$2,900.00 including frame

Andrew Valko
Oak & Forest by Scott Sueme, 2019 Acrylic on Paper - (20x16 in)

Oak & Forest

, 2019
20 x 16 in

$1,200.00 including frame

Scott Sueme
Recollection by Leo Mol, 1982 Conte Crayon on Paper - (16x8 in)


, 1982
16 x 8 in

$1,200.00 including frame

Leo Mol

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