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Sean William Randall – GOLDEN LIGHT

In this latest series, Randall plays with notions of reality and familiarity as constructs– works informed by images from our past which also play on our memories. He realizes this concept by depicting settings that feel familiar though they are decidedly unplaceable. Palpable tension is created within his images, as the viewer is left to wonder whether we are situated on a lit path or floating down a gentle stream towards, or away from, an unknown light source.

Randall’s painting practice acknowledges that it is dictated by the use of modern technology while striving concurrently to be its antithesis. Through analyzing the concepts and producing work in a slow medium like painting, his work leaves us with a question relevant to our modern existence: can we still differentiate between which memories are our own and which have been manipulated? Is there a difference?


Sean William Randall is a Canadian-born visual artist. After studying architecture at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Sean worked with various architecture firms in Canada as a designer and illustrator. He left the architecture profession to devote himself entirely to painting. Sean’s works have been exhibited in public and private galleries and can be found in corporate, private and public collections. He lives and works in Winnipeg.

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