Opening reception with artist in attendance Saturday Dec 1st, 2 - 5 p.m.

Honest Ed’s was a natural fit for Victoria-based, award-winning artist, Tad Suzuki to paint. In the last twenty years, he has gained a reputation for painting urban subject matter in his meticulous, photorealistic style. “Light is everything,” Suzuki says,“Whether it is artificial light or natural light, I am painting the light activated, not the object; in my paintings, light is the main character, the protagonist.” Upon moving to Canada in his early 20s, Suzuki recognized the beauty of the city as a subject for painting. The Honest Ed’s series won his artistic attention for the last two years. Although his realistic approach entails a long and labour-intensive process with each painting taking between four and six months, Suzuki believes his art represents a “spontaneous reaction” to the beauty he finds in the urban environment. Within these paintings, he has managed to distill his intensive and contemplative consideration into something that makes us aware of much more than we would have seen, if we had simply walked passed the corner of Bathurst and Bloor. Although Honest Ed’s is now gone, it remains a recollection of lingering lights through these paintings.

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