Join us in Winnipeg on Friday, July 6 for this exhibition of never-before-seen sculptures and recent works by internationally acclaimed Saskatchewan artist Joe Fafard. Considered one of the most original Canadian artists of his generation, Fafard is perhaps best known for his sculptures of animals, however his work is also focused greatly on the human form. He has created portraits of many well-known artists considered as masters in western art history (Carr, Picasso, Rousseau, Kahlo, Rivera, Matisse, Renoir etc.) as well as Vincent Van Gogh, a re-occurring muse of Fafard’s.

The exhibition sees the return to Vincent Van Gogh as a subject paired with Fafard’s mastery of relief sculpture, his iconic farm animals and using different perspectives and distortion in creating the illusion of depth or completeness.

Now welcoming inquiries. contact:

Opening reception with artist in attendance: Friday, July 6, 5 - 9 pm

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