Sheila Kernan : Made For Paint

Winnipeg Gallery Feature

Mayberry Fine Art Winnipeg is pleased to present the latest collection of work by Calgary-based artist Sheila Kernan. In these new landscapes and cityscapes Kernan has focused on the simplification of shapes. Diving right into a world of opposites, each piece highlights delicate soft washes, hard-edged dramatic shapes and highly textural marks allowing subtle nuances and ample room to breathe. The shift in perspective accentuates the subject and gives the feeling of standing in the action, lying on a forest floor or floating above the tree line. Delving into painting from imagination, memory and reference, Kernan’s inspiration for her up-close landscape vignettes, street level cinematic night scenes and majestic waterfalls comes from photographic techniques, films and real life. Combining a neutral palette with luscious and bright colours, these new works are realistic yet abstract, urban and natural

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