Bineshiinyag (Birds)

New works by Dee Barsy

Mayberry Fine Art is pleased to announce the solo exhibition, Bineshiinyag (Birds), featuring new paintings from the interprovincial artist Dee Barsy. These, and other select works, are available to view both online and in-person at our Tuxedo location from April 1, 2022, to April 30, 2022.

The artist writes: “Bineshiinyag (Birds) is a series of acrylic paintings that contemplate bird migration. So many bird species migrate through different geographical locations and contribute to the health of each ecosystem. This observation resonates with me because I call multiple places home. For this reason, I recognize that my voice and physical presence affect the well-being of people and more-than-human beings (flora, fauna, and other environmental entities) alike…

In Bineshiinyag (Birds), I have also begun to abstract the strict contour outline of each bird. I have found new inspiration from sign painting in this series of paintings. I have begun to use a brushstroke with a cursive-like quality. This compositional decision has added a new quality of line that moves across the surface of the painting only as far as my wrist and elbow will move. It creates movement and emphasizes each bird’s transformation.”

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