View from the Lane 1-20-1-12 by Robert McInnis, 2012 Oil - (30x30 in)

Annual 2020 Holiday Exhibition

We might all agree that we are ready for 2020 to come to a close and fade into our history. Still, we can honour our endurance, taking the time to reflect on the things that have become so important and find the inspiration which surrounds us.

We reached out to our artists and asked that they show us what has been inspiring them over the last number of months. These works, assembled together here for our annual 2020 Holiday Group Exhibition, show us that despite the challenges everyone has faced over the past year, artistic passion and the will to create is alive and well.

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Also in recognition of the holidays and well aware that people do like to gift art at this time of year, we have pulled together a selection of online exclusive works.

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#2162 by Bob Kebic, 2020 Oil on Canvas - (12x16 in)


, 2020
12 x 16 in

$1,600.00 including frame

Bob Kebic
#2105 by Bob Kebic, 2019 Oil on Canvas - (16x20 in)


, 2019
16 x 20 in

$2,300.00 including frame

Bob Kebic
Meadow by Kathy Venter, 2020 Glazed Ceramic - (7x5x8 in)


, 2020
7 x 5 x 8 in


Kathy Venter
Quailowna by Brandy Masch, 2015 Mixed Media - (20x10 in)


, 2015
20 x 10 in

$2,100.00 including frame

Brandy Masch

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