20th Century to Mid-Century Historical Canadian Paintings and Sculpture

For the month of April, Mayberry Fine Art is featuring a collection of historical Canadian works spanning from the early 20th Century to Mid-Century and including some of Canada’s most celebrated artists.

Historical Canadian works are always on display in Toronto and Winnipeg, but this particular group of artworks feature many pieces from long standing private collections that are fresh to the market and have never been seen before.

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Artists including in this collection include:

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Winter Farm Scene by Robert Kost, circa 1968 Oil on Canvas - (12x16 in)

Winter Farm Scene

, circa 1968
12 x 16 in

$1,300.00 including frame

Robert Kost
Classic Toys - Eric Ouimet - Silkscreen

Classic Toys

, 2020
18 x 30 in

$195 - online only

Eric Ouimet
Blue on Black by Kathy Venter, 2020 Glazed Ceramic - (8x5x8 in)

Blue on Black

, 2020
8 x 5 x 8 in


Kathy Venter
A New Day - Eric Ouimet

A New Day

, circa 2021
18 x 18 in

$225 - Online Only

Eric Ouimet

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